Vidyalankar Institute of Technology is an Engineering degree and management college at Wadala, Mumbai. 

The college hosts an annual festival called VIT Verve. We were required to design unique stage

backdrops for the stages where different performances at the fest would take place

Keeping the illustration style and the consistency of the strokes same, portraits of 58 personalities were

illustrated. Backdrop of the big stage was split into 8 panels and the small stage comprised of 3 panels

each. In the backdrop of the big stage, each panel comprised of 5 portraits.The objective of the panels was that

they can be displayed inside the college building separately even after the fest was over, to ensure the

longevity of the design.

AMVDS Team: Ashvini Menon, Nitya George and Jui Karhadkar

Special Thanks: Milind Tadvalkar Sir, Suhas Shinde Sir and students of VIT.

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