Brief: Chettinad Sarvalokaa Education International School hosted an event called Christmas Carnival in December 2019. The theme for Sarvalokaa’s Christmas Carnival 2019 was ‘US: Understanding & Sharing’. The idea was to focus on instilling the quality of giving and sharing, in the students of the school. Understanding the needs of our community, sharing with our fellow peers and community members, giving to the ones who truly cannot afford a bright Christmas was the objective. We were required to create a poster design that was to be put up in the school campus, intriguing students and parents to come and enjoy the carnival.


Process: The process started with brainstorming what elements represents Christmas in a best way while being fun, attractive and yet follow the theme of Sarvalokaa’s Christmas Carnival 2020. Based on the the theme ‘Understanding and Sharing’, we developed a concept through some sketches of the poster where the visual was a big Christmas cake being shared by many.

Various sketches were drawn to plan what was the best way of putting across all the important information while making it look attractive. Before moving on to design the final poster, the content of the poster and hierarchy of the text was decided.


Outcome: The final poster was a combination of a visual which was a Christmas cake decorated with icing, cream, cherries and text (i.e., the content of the poster) was written in the form of the icing topped on the cake. The idea was to have a Christmas cake with all the necessary information written on the cake with the help of the cake icing. 

Team AMVDS: Nitya George, Jui Karhadkar, Ashvini Menon

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