The Client: Chettinad-Sarvalokaa Education is an international IGCSE Cambridge (Waldorf) School in Kelambakkam, Chennai. The school has day-school and week-boarding facilities. The school stresses on having an inclusive global outlook, while also being grounded with the help of  an Indian value systems.


Brief: Sarvalokaa looked forward to an identity redesign as their old identity wasn't aligning well with how the school wanted to be perceived. The colours  also caused several problems while being used on advertising media. 


The Outcome: The old symbol carried certain religious and spiritual significance for the school. We had to maintain the same and work a way around it to make sure the symbol is also highly functional. We iterated on shapes and colours that were more powerful and bold. The identity selected was the one that worked well on all aspects of visual design and the new image of the school.

AMVDS Team: Ashvini Menon, Vaijayanti Ajinkya and Nitya George.

Old Identity

New Identity

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