About the Client: The Hornbill Magazine is published for the members of The Bombay Natural History Society. This Hornbill-Special Issue featured the wonders of our oceanic world. The issue was dedicated to the Indian Marine Biologist Boman Framji Chhapgar.

Brief: Cover Design, Page Layouts, Article Titles and Double Spread Page Design


The Outcome:  The cover photo was conceptualized around the shape of a Humpback Whale's tail that held together all the other smaller organisms. We made use of hand-lettering for the titles. The footnote of the page spreads used brush stokes to mimic waves. We designed and illustrated the cover to the layouts of the inner pages, we made sure the essence of the water-world was felt. Wherever possible we also helped make the articles interactive for our readers.

AMVDS Team: Ashvini Menon and Vaijayanti Ajinkya

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