Comic Strips

Ashvini started creating cartoon strips in 2016. They were locally published on her social media channels before The Hindu newspaper picked them up for publishing from 2017 to 2019. These comic strips were derived from Ashvini's day-to-day observations and news she came across. Ashvini continues to create the World Piece and Doesn't Matter series. 

  • World Piece Series

    Self-intiated Comic Strip


    2020 onwards

  • Doesn't Matter Series

    Self-intiated Comic Strip


    2019 onwards

  • Treatment of Stray Dogs

    Comic Strip for a Research Paper

    Scientist Dr. Krithika. Srinivasan University of Edinburgh, Scotland


  • Ecotism Series

    Comic Strip for a Newspaper (Renamed and continued as Doesn't Matter)

    The Hindu Newspaper, Chennai


  • Sparrow Population

    Comic Strip for an NGO

    H.O.P.E, Thane


  • GMO Mustard

    Comic Strip for an NGO

    Greenpeace, India


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